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If you are planning to organise an event involving participants who do not share the same language, you could facilitate communication with the help of one of the following services:
Simultaneous Interpreting
The interpreter will translate the speakers’ presentations in real time. This mode of interpreting is ideal for large-scale events or meetings with numerous participants. However, technical equipment for installing soundproof booths must be available.
Consecutive Interpreting
The interpreter will listen to the participants’ speeches, take notes and then reproduce the speeches in another language. This option incurs fewer costs than simultaneous interpreting because it does not require any additional technical equipment, but it will mean that the event will last longer. Consecutive interpreting is therefore particularly appropriate for short conferences and press conferences.
Liaison Interpreting
This is a type of consecutive interpreting which is adapted to suit events where the participants’ interventions are very short. This is the best form of interpreting for business meetings, interviews, business meals and business visits for example.
Whispered Interpreting or chuchotage
This type of interpreting is often used at meetings where only one or two of the participants do not speak the language being used. The interpreter will whisper the translation of the other participants’ speeches in their ear.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are in any doubt about which mode of interpreting would best suit your needs. I will be able to advise you on how best to organise your event.
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