Lara Cortés
Avenida de la Buhaira, 17, portal 6, 2 A, 41018 Sevilla, España |
Tel +34 954 22 03 51/+34 954 85 18 13/+34 630 54 70 97 |
Fax +34 954 22 03 51 | |
Proofreading and editing
SEPROTEC Madrid (Spain)
Proofreading of legal translations, correction of test translations
German, French, Italian, Portuguese > Spanish
Comunicación Multilingüe Madrid (Spain)
Proofreading of texts for Cedefop, correction of test translation
German, Italian > Spanish
Ms. Ana Cabrera Canal, certified interpreter and translator Madrid (Spain)
Proofreading of medical and legal translations
French > Spanish
Ms. Caroline Rott, translator Salamanca (Spain)
Proofreading of translations of articles and reports (on art, culture, design and travel)
German > Spanish
Interface Le Havre (France)
Proofreading of translations of press reports
French > Spanish
Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board Pointe-à-Pitre (France)
Proofreading of translations of tourist brochures
French > Spanish

Servicios Lingüísticos Integrales Madrid (Spain)
Proofreading of technical translations
German > Spanish

William Victor Madrid (Spain)
Proofreading of promotional texts
Spanish > Spanish
Radio Nacional de España Seville (Spain)
Editing of short news stories and reports
Onda Cero Radio Seville (Spain)
Editing of short news stories and reports
Diario de Sevilla Seville (Spain)
Editing of journalistic texts for the local section Sevilla
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